Daygame Coaching by Dr. Daygame – Learn how to Pick Up Women during the day!

Daygame Coaching – My Offer to You

I’m none one of these „flirt coaches“. Neither will you see me holding an overpriced seminar in a fuggy hotel. I’m just a normal man like you. The only difference is, I’m doing daygame for 6 years now. I know how to approach and seduce a girl in her everyday life. And I know how to teach that to other men!

Why me?

Nobody will become a Casanova overnight. But I can claim from experience: If you will train with me on your daygame for one day, you’ll learn as much as by going out alone a whole month!
Some men will even never reach that level. Lots of PUAs make the same mistakes over and over for years. But with me you’ll get the chance to master the first hard times as quick as possible and soon you’ll be on the level where the real fun is!

If you’re already intermediate I can bring you on an advanced level. If you have enough willpower you even can become as good as I am. Promise! Despite having intensive coachings I began very low. So I definitely can tell you, I’m not a natural. I had to learn everything step by step!

You will not have such a hard time as I had. It won’t be a cakewalk, but you don’t have to do all the mistakes I already did for all of us!

Fair Pricing

My coaching probably has the best value-for-money ratio ever! Feel free to check the prices of other serious PUAs… I’m sure you’ll nowhere find such a high quality for such a low price.
This will not always be like that. I’m getting more and more requests and I have to increase the prices twice a year. So the sooner you book your coaching the

You Want a Coaching that Brings You to the Next Level?

Get in touch with me..

Shoot me a quick message through the contact form below. Tell me two sentences about your current level and your sticking points. I’ll get in contact with you. If you rather like to have a call or text me on Whatsapp, just send me your phone number.

Phone Coaching

You just have some quick questions or a current problem with women? Or do you live far away and we can’t meet in person? Let’s have a phone coaching! Usually I can give you an appointment within 24 hours. I can call you worldwide via Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, Signal, Telegram, Viber, Line, Wechat, Kakaotalk or any other messenger.

Price: only 45 € per hour!

Infield phone coaching

The best thing: I even can give you an infield coaching via phone. You go out and approach some women while I am listening via your headphones and giving you feedback. If you don’t have enough money or enough time for a live coaching this is the way to go!

Live Coaching

My infield daygame training is for men who really want to improve their skills with women from one day to the next. Are you one of them?

In this training we will first check your inner game and, if necessary, find a way to deal with your approach anxiety. There are different ways to deal with approach anxiety and we will choose the one which suits best for you.
After that we will work on your outer game; we are connected via headphones and I will give you feedback after every woman you’ve approached. I will show you some demo sets, too. Your approach and seduction skills will improve hour by hour.

„Can I talk to the girls in French/Polish/Mongolian/Zulu?“

Yes, you can. Of course it’s easier if you speak with them in English so I can understand every word (or every second word in Scotland…). But you know that it’s more important how you say it than what you say. So don’t hesitate if you need help in France, Poland or anywhere else. I can give you a great daygame training in most countries. And I’m a polyglot by the way. Beside English I can understand more or less German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish (even Småländska!), Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

After our coaching

After our training it’s your turn to keep the practise, either by yourself or with a wingman. Also after the coaching you can whatsapp or e-mail me, if you have problems or questions.

Prices for 6 hours Professional Daygame Training:

Daygame Coaching in Western Europe

First day: see prices below; each additional day: 349 €

449 € (or 299 € for 4 hours)

449 €

4 490 DKK

549 €

France – Strassburg:
449 €
France – other cities:
499 €

375 € (or 249 € for 4 hours)

499 €

79 900 ISK

499 €

499 €

449 € (or 299 € for 4 hours)

449 €

5 990 NOK

549 €

499 €

4 990 SEK

Switzerland – German part:
569 CHF (or 379 Fr. for 4 hours)
Switzerland – French part:
649 CHF

United Kingdom – London:
499 GBP
United Kingdom – other cities:
449 GBP

Daygame Coaching in Eastern Europe

First day: see prices below; each additional day: 299 €

549 €

599 €

499 €

499 €

549 €

Czechia – Prague:
449 €

499 €

149 000 HUF

499 €

499 €

499 €

1 899 PLN

499 €

Russia – Moscow, St. Petersburg:
649 €

499 €

449 €

499 €

2 490 TRY

549 €

Daygame Coaching in Northern Africa

First day: see prices below; each additional day: 299 €

649 €

649 €

5 990 MAD

649 €

Daygame Coaching in Africa

First day: see prices below; each additional day: 349 €

99 900 KES

13 990 NAD

South Africa:
12 990 ZAR

Daygame Coaching in Middle East

First day: see prices below; each additional day: 399 €

399 BHD

39 900 000 IRR

2 990 ILS

699 JOD

349 KWD

1 499 000 LBP

3 990 QAR

UAE – Dubai, Abu Dhabi:
3 990 AED

Daygame Coaching in Asia

First day: see prices below; each additional day: 299 € (Hongkong, Korea, Japan, Singapore: 349)

China incl. Hongkong, Macau:
6 990 HKD

59 900 INR

799 €

129 000 JPY

3 590 MYR

699 €

1 199 SGD

South Korea:
1 190 000 KRW

24 990 TWD

649 €

699 €

Daygame Coaching in Australia/New Zealand

1 799 AUD; each additional day: 599 AUD

New Zealand:
1 999 NZD; each additional day: 649 NZD

Daygame Coaching in North America

1 299 USD; each additional day: 449 USD

1 799 CAD; each additional day: 599 CAD

19 900 MXN; each additional day: 6 990 MXN

Daygame Coaching in South America

First day: 4 990 BRL; each additional day: 1 290 BRL

Other countries:
First day: 1 100 USD; each additional day: 349 USD

„Can you teach me Clubgame as well?“

Yes. I can help you in clubgame as well. I can’t promise I’ll do it everywhere, so just message me the details and I’ll see what I can do for you.

The prices are the same as for daygame above + entrance for the venues of course. If you’re interested in clubgame I’d recommend you a mixed training for daygame and clubgame.

Any questions left? Let me know!

Otherwise don’t hesitate to fill in the contact form below and ask me for a phone coaching or a live training in your city..
If the form doesn’t work mail me directly at: [email protected]

I’m looking forward to hear from you!

Dr. Daygame